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  1. this is slamming beatdown deathcore. within destruction is slamming deathcore the fuck is wrong with y'all
  2. best deathcore released in the last few months IMO. real fuckin good. also i'd add a blackened tag in because they are most defs blackened
  3. thanks for the share @LKA bought their old ep because of it
  4. i got so excited than saw it was old material... sadness.
  5. check my fav band. but yeah you'll have to wait for IA, because BT is all downtempo and slow for like 95% of their songs lol
  6. Aaron can do no wrong, and new variety of vox is YES. this track is defs their best so far, IMO anyways.
  7. no love for this band guys? dafuq its monstrosity